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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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September 25, 2016

Greetings from Mike and Becky,

School is on! Teachers are teaching. Students are learning. Parents are rushing to drop-off and pick-up their children. Of course, that’s just the surface. There are so many other things going on:

  • Students are personalizing their lockers; several with inspirational cards and stickers.
  • Teachers are making connections with students who have particular problems in their classes.
  • Older student buddies are playing with younger buddies at one lunchtime per week.
  • Students are praying together one lunchtime per week.
  • Teachers are praying together twice a week.
  • Teachers and students are ministering together at orphanages, a baby home and a children’s hospital once a week.
  • Students are leading worship in assembly once a week.
  • Students and teachers have just enjoyed a lock-in overnight this past Friday.
  • Students and teachers are practicing softball in preparation for the annual tournament.
  • Teachers, parents and students are working together on a self-study for ACSI and MSA re-accreditation.
  • A parent checks river levels daily as we all pray that flooding will not return to Niamey this year.
  • God is using His people for His glory.

Life in ministry at Sahel is filled with opportunities, challenges and blessings. We thank you for your prayers and support that make our service here possible.

We are blessed with ten new teachers and staff members this year. They bring with them fresh ideas, energy and sincere obedience to God’s calling to work among our students representing thirty nationalities.

Becky’s work is intensified by the fact that the entire kindergarten of four students is composed of English Language Learners. She is also working with 24 other students who are ELL students or others struggling with a variety of learning challenges. Her schedule is fuller than in other years, so we ask that you pray for her as she plans and conducts intensive small group and one-on-one lessons. She is also working on French to facilitate friendships at our French/Zerma church.

Mike is heavily involved in the school’s re-accreditation process, AP English, IGCSE Drama, Bible Study for grades 9-12 boys and mentoring two teachers.

So, we both ask you to pray for energy and strength. We are having the time of our lives, but we need strong bodies in order to keep up with so many opportunities.

Many families throughout Niamey are scrambling for new places to run their small shops after having their former kiosks and even stores torn down due to a government decision to clean up the city due to environmental and security concerns. Pray for these families as they must find new places to sell their goods or see their often meagre livelihood disappear.

One of our missionary colleagues leaves for South Africa tomorrow due to troubling and ongoing medical symptoms. She and her husband have five children at Sahel. Pray that God’s Peace and Strength will go with her and abide with her family. Pray that the outcome of the tests will allow the family to continue in ministry here. Pray for her complete healing.

We are encouraged that churches are increasing missions support at this time when every country in the world is crying out for God’s Good News. We most especially thank those of you who pray for us and give through your church to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Rachel and Luke will be celebrating Jack’s first birthday this week. Rachel is able to bless families with special needs children as she serves on a team that enters homes, works with the children and trains the parents.

John Davis continues to settle in as a Red Cross disaster specialist in Quincy, Illinois.

Continue to pray for all of them as they grow in God’s Way where He has planted them.

Mike and Becky